• If we were all to exercise patience in our daily undertakings, whether it be towards a situation or a fellow being, then surely the universal energies would be that of peace, love and abundance
  •  Exercising patience on all levels does take some time and practice but through understanding how energy and the universe operates,  one will realize that the effort made toward this change is well worth it.
  • The art of learning to “unlearn” is the key to all positive change. We need to unlearn the dogmatic teachings which lead us to judging others and situations. These judgements tend to cloud the many possibilities of actual truths. When we learn how to judge, we also learn to become separated from all other truths, thus also divided and impatient with others and situations. We then only see our own perception of the truth through this impatient and agitated state of mind.
  • More on this topic shall be given to you when next you visit . For now, make the decision to commit to positive change. Until then, Namaste.

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