Conquering the false mind

Namaste all.

My social network absence has been due to a solitary spiritual and growth experience so that i may offer you a deeper understanding of the nature of life’s turmoils and the delicate balance therein. I know there are countless individuals seeking answers to the very difficult situations and tribulations which life has placed them in, and probably feel very much alone on their journey. Understanding that our journeys may not consist of the same ingredients is a mere illusion, for this understanding is not so important in that we each face a unique set of “thumbprint”  tribulations, but understanding how to cope with our trials, and rise above any and all such trials, is the key to peace and joy. So often we look at our own trials and choose to compare them to others in 2 separate catagories. We first tend to listen to our ego in victim mode and feel angry and begin to compare our suffering to those who seem to be much “better off” than we are and naturally begin to question why we suffer while others lead such fulfilled lives . Once this initial anger subsides, our pain body redirects us into looking at individuals who are “far less forrunate” than we are . We then begin to fool ourselves into believing that we should be grateful for our lot as there are many people worse off than we are. Both ends of this thought spectrum are also a mere illusion. Firstly, those who seem to be more fortunate also have their own unique set of tribulations which cause them equal mental, emotional and physical stress . No more and no less than those who have even less than we do. Their luxury homes, cars, garments, meals and lifestyles , are a mere outer cloak which can afford the luxury of hiding their pain and suffering whereas the less fortunate are simply far more visible to the eye, in their suffering. With this thought in mind, the attention given to measuring our different tribulations and the effects thereof begin to disolve. We now begin to understand that the rich and poor are alike in iifes tribulations and our focus shifts in a new direction. We begin to learn how to rise above the negative effects which hardships  place upon our untrained minds.


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